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Welcome to The Green Life Soil Co Online Shop! 


We know Perth's sandy soils are a real challenge to garden in - so we have developed several specialist soil mixes designed to help radically improve moisture and nutrient retention. (And for those of you with clay - we can help you, too!)

We are now giving you the opportunity to order some of our most popular products on line, for delivery within the Perth metropolitan area.

We have a Delivery Zone Map to show our Delivery Area for our On-Line Shop.

Our soils, composts, manures and mulches are available in bulk loads (we deliver all over Perth), or trailer loads (bring your own or use our courtesy trailers). Many of our garden products are also available bagged.

Several of our mixes (including our renowned vegetable mix and vegetable concentrate) are Certified Organic by NASAA. Our mixes are made on site by us - not 'bought in' from bulk supply yards.

NASAA logoSome of our competitors claim their soils are 'organic' - ask them for details. Fully certified products will carry a certification number and a logo - like ours.

We are so confident our soils will work for you, we offer a guarantee on them. (See our Frequently Asked Questions page for details.)

We also manufacture Sand Remedy on site. Sand RemedyTM is our Certified Organic, amazing mineral mix to combat Perth's water repellent soils. Find out more at

We are a family business promoting the practical use of Permaculture and Organic Gardening, located in Midvale, in the Eastern suburbs of Perth, Western Australia.

If you need advice, we have trained horticulturists on board who are happy to help. Sign up for our FREE newsletter for more great tips and special offers!

And also have a look at our 'sustainable gardening tips' right here on our website for more great information & helpful tips on topics relevant to gardening in Perth.